Guild Wars 2- My Legendary quest begins.


My mesmer has 72% world completion. I’ll begin a casual trip to crafting the Legendary Greatsword Twilight.
I thought about crafting an ascended greatsword, but the option to change stats is something I’d like to have. The visuals are cool as well.
My anticipated order of tasks:
1. Begin placing low bids for Dusk.
2. World completion
3. Ascalon dungeon for 500 Ascalonian Tears
4. Mystic Clovers
5. Everything else

Updates will follow!

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The Keezer is Complete

I went with the stainless steel tower.  The brass mushroom was way too big.  Finish plywood is birch, simple pine for the surrounds, whole thing is on casters.  Black appliance paint to change from white.

Closeup of the woodwork, dark walnut minwax stain.

The big picture: wife-friendly

Next up:  brew more beer and have a party!

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Driving to work today

Stopped at a stoplight behind this car.

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Brewed my first beer

Everything went very smoothly, thanks to the lessons I learned from Dave.
1. Boil 4 gal water
2. Add Malt Syrup and Hops
3. Boil 60 min
4. Cool “wort” with icewater immersion chiller
5. Drain into bucket
6. Wait 2 weeks.

Started 7pm, finished cleaning everything up 9:45pm.

Original Gravity was 1.040 at 75F = 1.042 standard 60F.  Awful close to predicted 1.043.

Time to look into why we boil so long, because the color kept getting darker with time.
Sharon is planning a tasting party the end of august, with the first Roma soccer game.

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MicroMatic is the best

After getting our secondary regs with bent up gauge faces, we called MicroMatic.
They simply dropped new gauges to us at no charge, and were apologetic it would take
two days for us to get them. is the best.

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Got my Brewing Kettle in today

New polarware economy 30qt. brew kettle from  $119.95, cheap shipping.  Comes with holes cut out for included thermometer and spigot with on/off.  All of the stuff is high quality stainless.  I think it’s a great deal.


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Clydesdale Triathlon Training – Crank Length

Just rode faster than the previous 4 rides with my new 177.5mm dura ace cranks.
The crank length was recommended to me by the fit calculator on competitive cyclist.
Having recently tried 165mm, 172.5mm, and 177.5mm, I believe your crank length should be set by both your physical size, and equally as important, your riding style.
Masher = long crank length
Spinner = short crank length

For Mashers, longer crank=at a given RPM, you can push about one harder gear for a given amount of power.

For Spinners, shorter crank=at a given RPM, your actual footspeed is slower (Smaller circle) for a given amount of power, thus saving energy.

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2nd Beer Tower

This is the copper beer tower I just won on Ebay. I’ll be comparing it against the stainless steel t-type i already won, and sell off the loser.

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Carbonating Fruit Juice

So I’m still waiting on my kettle for brewing beer. To stay busy, and to test out my keezer, I filled the corny keg with juice.
After 2 days of 42deg F chilling with 30psi of co2, I served myself and my boys a tasty apple juice/mixed berry juice concoction.

Ingredient List:
2gal apple juice
1gal mixed berry juice
1.5gal water

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